10 Cosmetic Products Essential for Summer

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We often tend to ignore the fact that our skin requires different care in the summer than inthe winter. More often than not, we continue with our regular winter skincare routine even when the seasons change and use the same skincare products throughout the whole year.However, our skinismuch more vulnerable during summer due to the higher sun and dirt exposure, while also being prone to burns and breakouts, so it is only logical to adjust your skincare regimen to summer conditions. With all this being said, here is the list of 10 essential summer skincare, hair and makeup products you need to have.


Your heavy winter serum should be replaced with a lightweight toner. This glycerin-rich product will do an amazing job saving your skin. First of all, it removes oil from your face and shrinks pores. Second, it balances skin pH level and gives it a light protective layer bytightening cell gaps after cleansing. Finally, it keeps your skin moisturized, refreshed while preventing ingrown hairs thanks to its alpha hydroxy acids. If you are not sure which toner is the best for you, try out Dr. Hauschka facial toner since it is suitable for any skin type.

2. Micellar cleansing water

If you haven’t tried this magical liquid, now is the perfect time. It is the most efficient makeup remover because micelle molecules attract oils.In other words, this water is a magnet for accumulated dirt and skin residue of long-worn makeup, without any need for rinsing. Besides this, micellar water leaves your skin hydrated and glowy since there is no soap, alcohol, or other chemicals in it. It is an adequate choice for all skin types and it keeps your skin clear. Don’t forget the main perk – it is useful for travelling since you never know for how long you will have to wait for a good face wash.

3. Liquid moisturizer

We all know how dry our skin gets during summer. Pollution, UV rays, excessive cleansing – they all damage our skin’s moisture barrier. Also, as we age, our skin’s ability to retain moisture is decreasing. This is why you need to make sure it is well moisturized all the time, regardless of your age or your skin type. Swipe on your moisturizer every morning after cleansing, toning, and serum. If your moisturizer doesn’t have an SPF, apply sunscreen over it.

4. Wet skin moisturizer

If you want to avoid dryness and maintain a sun-kissed glow as long as possible, make sure you invest in one of these. Rub a wet skin moisturizer over your entire body while showering, towel it off and you are ready for a day at the beach. Do this daily while you are on your summer vacation, and you will notice how fast you will get your suntan and how silky your skin will be.  

5. Eye gel

The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of our face and it shows signs of aging much more quickly. Overexposure to the sun, dryness, and dirt can damage skin’s ability to maintain moisture since this part of our skin doesn’t contain oil glands to do so. This is why eye gel is so important – it hydrates, smooths dryness, softens the around-the-eye skin tissue, as well as helps minimizing the dark circles.

6. Antiperspirant deodorant

We all know that having that sweaty smell is not attractive at all. And it is logical that, during summer months when the weather is hot, we are much more prone to sweating. This is why you always have to carry your antiperspirant deodorant. Just keep in mind that it needs to bestain-proof since white and yellow stains on your clothes are also super unattractive.

7. Hair nourishing spray

Sunlight, chlorine and salt water can seriously damage our hair. It becomes dry and breakable. You have to make space in your beach bag for this product because,with just a few spritzes, it will moisturize your locks, help your dry and itchy scalp, give your hair shine and make it a lot easier for you to comb it.

8. Sunscreen

You probably know that sunscreen is important, especially during summer. But do you know all the benefits it offers? First, it is a shield from extremely harmful UV rays,which put us at a higher risk of skin cancer. Next, sunscreen prevents premature aging since it protects our skin from developing wrinkles and fine lines. It lowers blotchiness and red vein eruptions, prevents sunburns, enhances skin health and offers a better protection than a long-sleeved shirt. Make sure you apply it every two to three hours while sunbathing.

9. Waterproof mascara

Some of us just love to doll ourselves up for the beach, and for most of us, mascara is the crucial makeup product. To avoid smudging, go waterproof.

10. 4 in 1 makeup pencil

Do you remember those cool and fun multi-color click pens that you used in school? You can now find its makeup version. Not only you won’t have to worry about sharpening, but you will also save a lot of space in your bag because these contain three different eye pencils and a lip liner as well.

Arm yourself with these and you won’t have to worry about anything this summer.