4 Gorgeous Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses that Will Help You Steal the Show!

While searching for bridesmaid dresses, you will come across a wide range of options in all the fashion boutiques and online stores. From a variety of options in terms of colors to a number of materials to choose from, you might get a little confused! But, if you ask me to suggest you with something, then I would definitely recommend you to go for long chiffon dresses. Why? It is because chiffon is a flowing and a lightweight material, which will allow your bridesmaids to move around freely. Ideal for all kinds of weather, it does not even cling to the body at all. And, its sheerness helps in adding up the oomph factor! Additionally, you can use a chiffon dress later on for some other function as well.

Ideal for outdoor weddings, it can be worn for a formal outdoor wedding too such as a beach, cruise or tree house wedding. What? Looking for some great chiffon bridesmaid dresses designs from which you can pick one? Then, kindly keep reading this blog.

    • Black and Blue Gradient Long Dress: If you want something dramatic and off-beat, then a gradient chiffon long dress with shades of blue and black will look great on you! Widely available online, you can buy this dress at as low as $169. Yes, you read that right! So, what are you waiting for? Start your hunt now. What? Not sure about the neckline? Well, you should definitely opt for an off-shoulder one! And, if you are not very comfortable with an off-shoulder one, then opt for something simpler such as a sweetheart or scoop neckline.

  • Burgundy Dress with a Thigh-high Split: What about some skin show in a beautiful burgundy chiffon dress with a thigh-high split? Trust me, you can absolutely steal the show if you get this one. Pair it with golden shimmery stilettos and a pretty little-sequined clutch, and you are all set to go! And, as far as the neckline is concerned, go for a simple boat or square neckline. Do not forget to ask the tailor or the bridal shop to customize it with cap or angel sleeves.
  • Open-back Lace Dress in Navy Blue: Navy blue is such a rich and pretty color, right? Although chiffon dresses are mainly found in pastel or nude shades, nowadays designer shops and online boutiques are offering these dresses in dark hues such as navy blue. So, why not get one like that? And yes, make sure you opt for an open-back one with lace detailing, to add to the drama! So, whether it is a beach wedding or a cruise wedding, you can absolutely rock it with this dress. Compliment it with pearl jewelry and dewy makeup; and if you are the Maid of Honor, then you can opt for a dramatic headgear as well.

  • Mint-magic Dress in Pretty Cap Sleeves: In love with soothing and eye-pleasing colors such as mint? Then, I would ask you to invest in a mint dress with cap sleeves. And, as far as the neckline is concerned, halter-neck or scoop neckline should be the option for summer or fall weddings. And for winter weddings, get one with Queen Anne neckline. Wondering, whether you should visit a designer store or an online fashion site for this one?  Well, I would suggest the later because that would help you to save some money! But, before choosing the site, please go through their credentials and customer feedbacks once.

So, these were some inspiring designs that you can pick from, for your sister’s or bestie’s wedding! Hopefully, this blog was helpful for you all. Start your search today and thank me later!

Author Bio: Sophia Geller is a famous fashion designer-cum-blogger and she regularly writes on party dresses. Here, she talks about different kinds of gorgeous chiffon bridesmaid dresses that would make you stand-out. To know more about this, follow her blogs.