7 Tips to Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

Everyone loves to have their perfume to stay all day without having to put it back, but what are the possible ways to make this happen? Here are 7 tips from Boutique Henriette L to help you out!

#1: Moisturize your skin

You should know that a fragrance is less good on dry skin. It is, therefore, thought to apply a moisturizing milk, a cream or oil before perfume. To avoid bad agreements between the scent of care and the notes of the fragrance, choose it without perfume or better.

#2: Fragrance the hot parts

Coco Chanel used to say that a woman should scent where she wants to be kissed. Beyond the seductive aspect, some parts of the body are particularly conducive to welcoming our favorite fragrance. The pulsation points (hollow elbows, wrists, neck, back of the ears, knees) are areas that give off heat and spread the scent all day.

#3: Accentuate its wake

Sometimes we meet some people who leave behind a nice wake. It is actually easy to get this signature:  spread the fragrance also in the hair. For a discreet effluvium, we Pichette the fragrance on the brush before hair. Considering how the hair retains odors, we can be sure that the fragrance will stay all day.

#4: Do not forget the clothes

If we tend to sweat when it’s hot, we avoid spraying the perfume directly on the skin because it can “turn”. Especially since the alcohol (contained in each bottle of perfume) and sweat does not mix well and may create tasks. In these moments, one perfumes one’s clothes or scarves: the fibers retain the molecules of the fragrance extremely well.

#5: Have a light hand

For the perfume to hold all day, we are tempted to put it back when we do not feel it anymore. However, a fragrance evolves over the hours: the top note disappears after about fifteen minutes to make room for the heart and background notes. So, we risk creating an unfortunate mixture and especially to nausea our neighbors because we get used to our smell (which means that sometimes we cannot feel his own perfume from the application). We only give it back at the end of the day, if we go out.

#6: Do not rub

A pschitt on a wrist and we rub the two — heresy for all the noses (the creators of perfume and those who will smell the perfume!) The fact of rubbing the skin breaks the molecules of the perfume and alters them. Better to tap delicately or just let the scent live its life!

#7: Reserve roll-ons at weekends

A roll-on is very practical, it’s true. Except that at each passage, the ball embeds the bacteria and sebum (it’s glam!) present in its bottle on the skin. Result: there is a risk of degrading the perfume by the “pollutant”. In short: the roll-on is only when you go on a weekend!