All about basics of nail designing

Fashion trends change every day and there is one thing or the other that gets changed. Nowadays, nail art is in fashion. No doubt, that in olden day’s women were equipped with nail polish and they used to cover their nails up in traditional style. But this traditional trend is bent and twisted to a new level because now there are new tools that can make your nails look gorgeous and the best part is that you can do it yourself. Leave those solid colors behind and match your nails according to the outfits. Why only outfits? You can also match them according to the occasion. The nail design ideas has literally changed the life.  

There are popular deigns that represent different aspects. Sometimes it may be associated with sports and sometimes it may represent holiday mood. So, you can easily understand that nail art has reached an extra ordinary level where you can do anything with it. Along with that, it also keeps the nails safe and manicure and pedicure are the most usual methods for this. There are different nail design ideas that can easily be adopted by the beginners and it does not require much efforts as well.

Below mentioned are some basic ideas:

  • Half-moon – In this design a half- moon is created on the base of the nail. The colors and the design has to be coordinated when the nail polish is applied on the upper portion of the nail. Remember that colors are to be selected carefully because the combination must yield better effects. If blue is applied then contrast red or silver can be applied on the design. There are many color schemes that can be learnt from internet.
  • Floral design- In this design base color is the main element. Apply the floral decals and then add your desired flowers on the base coat. Remember that the application must be in form of dots or streaks. Floral design is cute and adorable as well.
  • Glittery nails- This design is simple but it has the power to attract attention. Choose the base coat and after that just select a glittery topping that goes well with it. Also check the color of your attire before selecting the colors.

These are some effective nail designs that can be used by the beginners. Follow the simple rules and become a pro of nail art.