Best Fascinators to Wear in 2019

A fascinator hat is an ornamental headpiece that is usually adorned with jewels, beads, flowers or feathers, and attached to the hair by a comb, clip or a headband of some sort. The fascinator may vary in size and bulk, but is usually lightweight in nature, and almost always perched on the side of the head at an angle, displaying the well-groomed hair underneath.

How Fascinators Came About

Fascinators became popular in the 1960’s when women began to couple the expected headpiece, worn to formal occasions and Catholic church services, with their love of fashion. Unfortunately, fascinators fell out fashion just as quick as they came into fashion, once the Catholic Church began to ease up its requirement for women to cover up their heads. After its fall from glory, the fascinator hat became a steadfast that was often characterized by women attending horse derbies.

The power of social media gave fascinators new life once the world caught a glimpse of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, wearing one of the quirky, uniquely designed headpieces. The world suddenly became obsessed with fascinators. Now popular to the world, and gaining more relevancy as the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, had also embraced the royal trademark of stylish, artistically crafted fascinator hats. The Holy Union of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle created a new dimension for the bridal fascinator.

The myriad of vibrant colors, shapes and structures catapulted bridal fascinators into its own atmosphere. The display of fascinators left the world intrigued. Curious. In that moment, every woman wanted a fascinator to wear wherever we dared. The world wanted to know how to get their hands on one of those fascinators. How much did they cost? Where to wear a fascinator hat? What is the difference between a hat and a fascinator? What and where are the best fascinators to wear in 2019?

The Universality of the Fascinator

Fascinators have become stylish, conversation starters and alternatives to hats. Because of its newfound fame, this fashion piece can be worn to any affair deemed fashion-worthy. The typical culprit locations are art shows, tea parties, weddings, the Kentucky Derby, cocktail parties, and even baby and bridal showers. Avoid wearing your fabulous fascinator to places with stadium seating, like the symphony, movie theaters, or plays.

The best fascinators to wear in 2019, or any year, are those that are in proportion to your head, body, and the styling of your hair. It is important to remember that if you have a larger sized head, and/or hair full of body, skip the smaller and dainty fascinators in exchange for the larger ones. Statement-makers, wide brimmed, and veiled fascinators are resurging as favorite trends of 2019. As well as colors, prints and patterns. Please keep in mind, the best fascinators are classy and stylish. If all else fails and you find yourself lost, remember, small and simple is better.