Birth Stone Engagement Rings – Know The Hard Truth About These Gems!

Engagement rings are always the favorite accessory of any person for his/her entire life, especially for girls. You must be leaning towards diamond rings for engagement purpose, mostly preferring to buy from Houston Diamond District but I know most of you could not afford it or doesn’t want to spend this much on your rings.

A drastic change has come up in fashion regarding preferences in choosing rings. Birth stones are gaining popularity nowadays, as an alternative to common diamond rings varieties. But beware of the fact that everything is a flip side.

All birth stones are not suitable and durable enough to be worn on a daily basis. So, be alert and get an opinion from the expert to avoid getting into the disaster which is very costly. To get yourself or for your partner a birth stone you should make a wise choice.

Now, I know you must be having a confusion in your mind as to what factors should be kept in mind while choosing a birth stone. So, here is a rundown of few things that you need to consider before actually buying one:

  1. Numerous Stones

There are months in which more than one stone is recommended. If it comes out to be any of these months, then you should choose a hardy stone ring so that it lasts for a life time.

This point can be best explained as if your month of birth or the person’s birth month for whom you are choosing it falls in December; then you have to make a choice between four stones – Tanzanite, blue Zircon, Blue Topaz and Turquoise. I have a personal experience that Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon are not suitable for wearing on a daily basis.

  1. Hardness of the Stone

Some of the stones are very fragile that is recommended for a particular month and the problem arises that if you bear born in that particular month than you have no choice but to purchase it if you are going for birth date engagement rings. For instance, Opal, Gemstones are very fragile and are recommended for you if you are born in the month of May or October.

  1. Wallet-friendly

To avoid a costly mistake, you should always take advice from a knowledgeable person as to which stone you should go for. This will not only save your efforts on gem-hunting but will also save you a lot of money.

  1. Recommended Stones

Some stones are not advisable for engagement purpose. For example, Pearl and Alexandrite are a “Big No” for engagement rings, especially for people born in the month of June.

Birth stone rings have come out to be an alternative for a stunning diamond outlet. These rings prove to be a bonus for all budget conscious couples. Every month is blessed with a beautiful stone. Make your choice with all your eyes and mind wide open and always take an opinion from the expert to avoid nuisance later on. Choose a hardy and durable quality stone to remember your special day forever.