Colored Freshwater Pearls – Brilliant with Grand Look

The freshwater pearls come in a vast range of colors and shapes. The colored freshwater pearls have their own beauty and brilliant colors. The different colors give them a grand appearance. These are found in non-salty lakes Their main source is China. These Colored freshwater pearls are much affordable than saltwater pearls in terms of their cost.

Different Color options in Freshwater Pearls

Most of the people consider that freshwater pearls come only in white or cream color, but this is not true. These freshwater pearls come in a variety of colors like yellow, orange, purple and pink. When you are purchasing colored freshwater pearl jewelry you can choose it according to your dress choice. It adds more elegance and sophistication to your appearance and beauty.

Rich Orient and Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls look amazing due to their rich orient. Freshwater pearls have a number of color options. Rich orient is seen in colored pearls when the nacre is extremely thick and is formed properly. This orient is seen in a freshwater pearl when it is rotated. It looks like a rainbow. Rich orient increases the value of a pearl just like luster which increases its value.

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Overtone and Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater pearls also consist of overtones (a little trace of secondary color that is seen over their surface). The overtone is mainly found in freshwater pearls of high quality, you can see in the blue, green and rose overtones. These overtones enhance the beauty of freshwater pearls and provides them uniqueness. Sometimes freshwater cultured pearls are treated to make certain specific colors.


Thus, the vibrant colors of freshwater pearls make them unique and provide a broad platform to the customers to purchase freshwater pearls of their choice. A piece of pearl jewelry paired with a classic dress adds more charm and style to the beauty of a woman.