Different Nail Shapes to Try Acrylic Nail Ideas On

For those who suffer from weak nails, getting them done is a total waste of money because it’s almost certain that they will break or chip away easily. Acrylic nails are a boon to those who cannot grow their nails longer because they are weak and prone to breakage. Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are made from a polymer (acrylic powder) and a monomer (the glue). They are glued on to your natural nails and are completely safe. You can check out The Cudl’s website for Stunning Acrylic Nail Ideas to Express Your Personality – The Cuddl.

Acrylic nails are not just drop dead gorgeous but they also protect your natural nails against breakage. It’s important that you decide the shape you want to get the acrylic nail in so that you can choose a comfortable style. If you’re a person whose daily routine demands a lot of work with the fingers like typing, washing dishes, massaging, or sculpting, you need to go for certain shapes and designs that will not get messed up while you’re at work. Also, the shape of your nails should complement the nail art design that you’re going to get on them which in turn has to go well with the entire look of yours if you’re getting your nails done for a particular occasion.

Here are some of the most common types of nail shapes that you can get your acrylic nails done in:


Round nails are the most basic ones, and they look simple yet classy. This shape is ideal if you don’t want a fancy look for your nails and you want to keep it cute. Round shape suits the best for shorter nails, and shorter nails are easier to maintain. If your daily life schedule demands you to indulge your nails in a lot of work, round shaped nails would be the safest option for you.


Oval is a traditional shape, and it was pretty popular back in the 1900s and the 2000s. Oval shaped nails are good for medium length nails and are safe to deal with since they have smooth corners. You can get a lot of classy nail art designs done on oval-shaped nails, and they go well with formal attire as well.


Square shaped nails are super amazing and are popular among today’s youth. They look more stylish than any other design on the list except for the stiletto. The square-shaped nails have an edge because they are more comfortable to maintain.


Squoval is a blend of square and oval shape as the name suggests. Squoval is a soft square with smooth edges when compared to a straight square shape. Squoval is as good as the square one, and it can accommodate classy as well as funky designs on them.

Almond shaped

Almond shaped nails are the shorter version of stilettos and yes we definitely need a shorter version of the stilettos because they are too long to feel comfortable in.


Yes. Stilettos are high maintenance designs, but they can totally slay! It is the most stylish acrylic nail shape among all the other shapes, but it is good only if you’re getting it for just a day or two.