Do you use the best hair removal cream?

You may have used depilatory creams in the past and been less than satisfied with the results. It’s time to pick the right cream for the job.

Sporting smooth, glowing skin takes a lot of work. And it is not made easier by the presence of unwanted hair on the body. Try as you might, you are not able to get rid of the body hair permanently.

It is easy enough to take hair removal in your own hands – instead of scheduling waxing appointments, you can use a good depilatory cream to get rid of the hair. This is how you choose the best one:

1 Cream or wax? Every woman has different issues when it comes to body hair. While some women have downy soft hair, others have a coarser growth. While some women have sparse hair regrowth, the hair grows back rapidly for others. If your body hair growth is quick and the hair is coarse, then you should choose waxing to keep the hair away for longer. However, depilatory creams are completely painless and a quick option for hair removal.

2 Does the cream suit your skin type? Never choose depilatory hair removal creams that claim to ‘Suit all skin types’. Different skin types require different care. For example, a depilatory cream for normal skin may not necessarily suit sensitive skin. The right hair removal cream suits your skin type and is fortified with essential oils and moisturisers. There must also be a separate variant for sensitive skin – this type often suffers redness and soreness post depilation.

3 Does the cream cause allergies or rashes?Some amount of irritation to the depilatory cream is normal, but it must subside in a while. If the skin breaks out in bumps, boils or rashes post use, then you should discontinue using that cream at once. The best way to find out if the cream is suitable for you or not, is to conduct a patch test with it. Apply the hair removal cream on a small area of skin. Let it sit for about 3 to 4 minutes before you wipe it off. Wait for 24 hours. If there is no adverse reaction, then the cream is safe to use.

4 Does the cream fulfil its claims?The package might claim to make your skin soft, radiant and hair free for several days – in reality, the cream might burn or irritate the skin, and the hair may grow back in just a couple of days. Choose hair removal creams from leading brands. They hydrate the skin as they depilate it, and the hair is removed from just below the skin’s surface so it takes about 4 days for it to regrow.

5 Is the cream easily available?You might find the perfect hair removal cream, but if it only retails from a few stores then you might not be able to buy it easily. Check if it is available for sale online directly from the manufacturer or e-commerce sites. You can stock up on the cream based on the frequency of use and whether the creams are within their expiration date.