Fashion Silk Sarees are Different from Traditional Silk Sarees

With the prices of pure silk sarees rocketing sky high, many women are switching over to art silk sarees for wear at semi-formal and formal affairs. Pure silk is only for grand events.

Which woman does not like the feel of pure silk on the body? After all, it appears so smooth to the touch, exudes such a beautiful flow over the silhouette and grants the wearer an aristocratic richness, which may not be viewed with other sarees! It is no wonder that a traditional silk saree remains the first and most apt choice during festive celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Regardless, is it possible to rush to the nearest offline or online store and purchase an expensive silk saree for each occasion? You would answer with an emphatic NO! Therefore, if you would like to avoid burning deep holes in your pocket, and at the same time, appear gracefully chic and poised at social functions, transfer your loyalty to fashion sarees or Art silk sarees. They are glorious replicates of the pure silk sarees.

Synthetic Silk

Now, fashion silk sarees have nothing to do with art or design! The term merely refers to synthetic fabrics, which originate from combinations of cellulose fibre and rayon, wool, cotton, etc. In fact, rayon itself is a by-product of regenerated cellulose. In contrast, we obtain pure/real silk yarn from the cultivation of silk moths, which feed on the leaves of mulberry plants. Regardless, these synthetic fabrics display the same sheen that you witness on sarees created from pure silk yarn.

Then again, similar to the original silk sarees, art silk garments require careful maintenance. This is because they are equally delicate. Manual washing or washing with a machine is strictly forbidden. It is best to go for dry cleaning.


There is no denying that original products are always expensive. Therefore, it would be best to go for art silk at times, whenever you are faced with the burden of attending too many social events at a go. It helps that manufacturers do not have to spend much on creating synthetic silk sarees. In turn, you will have to spend much less on your purchase than you expected! In fact, several brands offer good discounts too.

You need not worry that people will find out your secret, for the designs and prints on art silk sarees are amazingly similar to those exhibited on pure silk sarees!

Lightweight and Comfortable

The majority of silk sarees give you the feeling that you are wearing nothing at all! This is because they are marvellously light in weight, have a smoothly comfortable flow and superbly airy. Well, manufacturers of art silk sarees have taken care to emulate the same features in their products too. Therefore, both types are apt for a tropical climate like the one found in India. Since they refuse to retain body heat, you should find it easy to display a poised and cool countenance wherever you go!

Note that art silk sarees are splendidly breathable! Why is this so? The fabric, which brings together the best of wool, silk and cotton, exhibits similar characteristics as natural fibres. Note that wool keeps everything breathable, while silk grants the appearance of richness. Cotton is soft and smooth to the touch.

There is just one key difference between pure silk and art silk. Whenever a print appears on the front side of an original silk saree, fuzzy effects of the same will become visible on the other/inner side. However, in the matter of an art silk saree, only the external side has the print. The internal side remains plain.