Few Reasons Why SHOULD You Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses started as a fashion accessory, but its importance has been felt for maintaining good eye health.

Polarized lenses protect more and are more effective to block glare. However, people playing some outdoor sports, such as golf cannot use them while they are playing.

Doctors advise that people should wear high-quality sunglasses, the sunglasses which would block 99 percent of ultraviolet A rays and ultraviolet B rays to penetrate the glass.

Reasons why sunglasses should be worn:

  • Protection from UV. Cataracts can be caused due to the UV rays of the sunlight. It is a medical condition in which the eye lens becomes opaque and result in blurring of vision. Photokeratitis, also known as snow blindness, is caused due to the burning of coronae of eyes resulting in temporary blindness and pain. You can block the UV rays from directly getting into your eyes using a wide-brimmed hat, but it only will block 50 percent of the radiation from your eyes, but this is not enough
  • Protection from Blue-Light.Macular degeneration, a part of the retina is called macula; its degeneration is caused due to prolonged exposure to the blue and violet spectrum of the sun rays.
  • Comfortable vision. When there is bright sunlight, the vision becomes blurry, and there are a not so pleasant feeling while watching anything in the sunlight. Even at times, water comes out of the eyes and irritations happens on the eyes.
  • Adaptation to dark.After spending a long time on the sun if you come indoors, you will feel the eyes aren’t adjusting to the shades or darkness, and it sometimes takes to get adjusted to the light of the indoors. This becomes more dangerous when you stay on sunlight for a long time, and then you drive at the night time.
  • Skin Cancer. Skin cancer occurs on the eyelid and near the eye area as the skin of those places are very sensitive. So, wearing sunglasses will help you protect from skin cancer.