Filters that Make Use of the Foreground as well as Background Colors

The filters listed below use the present Foreground and/or History shades. Some Photoshop filters, such as Graphic Pen, Charcoal, and Xerox (in the Layout classification), look great in the Photoshop default colors of black as well as white, although others look great in colors. Don’t just trust us blindly, test it yourself and see for yourself.

  • Artistic > Colored Pencil (Background shade), Neon Radiance (Foreground as well as History colors)
  • Distort > Diffuse Radiance (History color)
  • Pixelate > Pointillize (Background shade)
  • Render > Clouds, Distinction Clouds, Fibers (Foreground as well as Background shades)
  • Lay Out > Bachelor’s Degrees Alleviation, Charcoal, Chalk & Charcoal, Graphic Pen, Halftone Pattern, Cont√© Crayon, Keep In Mind Paper, Plaster, Photocopy, Stamp, Reticulation, Torn Edges (Foreground and History shades)
  • Stylize > Tiles (Foreground or Background color)
  • Appearance > Tainted Glass (Foreground shade)
  • Reapplying the Last Filter Rapidly
  • To reapply the last-used filter(s) making use of the exact same setups, pick Filter > [Filter Gallery or last filter name] (Ctrl-F/Cmd-F).
  • To reopen either the last-used Filter Gallery or the filter dialog revealing the last-used settings, press Cmd-Option-F/Ctrl-Alt-F.

Making use of the Preview in a Private Filter Dialog


Some Photoshop filters are applied using a private dialog (not by means of the Filter Gallery). Of those individual dialogs, some have a sneak peek home window as well as some do not.

  • For private filter dialogs that contain a preview home window, you can click the + button to zoom in or the switch to zoom out (we generally do the latter). A lot of the private dialogs also have a Preview checkbox.
  • In a few filter dialogs (such as Blur > Gaussian Blur as well as Activity Blur), if you click on the record window (square tip), that location of the picture will appear in the sneak peek home window. The image can be dragged inside the preview home window.
  • To contrast, the picture with and also without the current filter result, click as well as hold on the preview, then launch.