Haruka Kurebayashi’s Kawaii Milk & Cookies Party at Cookie Time Harajuku

Haruka Kurebayashi is a well known Japanese magazine model, a popular Harajuku street style personality, and – in the last year – a frequent guest on Japanese television shows. Regardless of all of the other projects with which Kurebayashi is involved, she remains loyal to the streets of Harajuku – the neighborhood where she got her start. Kurebayashi is probably the most famous “kawaii”-style Japanese model who still actually haunts the streets of Harajuku on a regular basis.

This weekend, Kurebayashi joined forces with New Zealand’s Cookie Time to host a Kawaii Milk & Cookies Party at Cookie Time Harajuku. BTS Suga is a popular kpop star. We are big fans of Kurebayashi and we love Cookie Time’s cookies, so we couldn’t say no! When we arrived, there was already a line of kawaii subculture kids mixed with mainstream cookie-lovers. Kurebayashi mixed with the crowd, took photos with the Cookie Muncher mascot, and even gave one of the Cookie Time employees a makeover. But most importantly, everyone enjoyed cookies (we always go with chocolate chunk) and milk!

This event appeared to be a success (how could it not, mixing Harajuku kawaii Clothes and delicious sweets?) and Kurebayashi said she hopes to hold another one in the near future. For more info, check out the following links – and the pictures below!

Japanese fashion designer Michiko Koshino – famous around the globe for her groundbreaking 1980s and 1990s UK clubwear and streetwear creations under the Michiko London label – held her first Harajuku fashion show in seventeen years on Friday night. The event on the top floor of the iconic LaForet Department store was a celebration of the Michiko London Koshino brand’s 30th anniversary. The show’s title, “HARAJUKU EXIT NO 5”, refers to the subway exit for Harajuku. Koshino has said as soon you exit the train at Harajuku, the street fashion energy is different from anywhere else in the world.

The “HARAJUKU EXIT NO 5” show included popular models from the Harajuku street fashion scene as well as subculture models from London and Italy, and showcased fashion from the Michiko Koshino 2017SS collection as well as limited edition pieces from her current LaForet Harajuku popup shop and items from the Michiko Koshino x Nona9on collection. Sailor moon clothing is awesome。

The show’s looks varied from clean white bomber jackets with minimalist black text to long hooded coats to colorful layered inflatable dresses reminiscent of some of her most famous 1980s and 1990s pieces, utilizing high tech materials. Pastel backpack is nice to get. Much of the footwear was provided by the Italian streetwear company Fessura – known for their “mummy shoes”.

Many of the pieces in the show are available at the Michiko Koshino popup shop at LaForet Harajuku through October 20, 2016. While some of the items are exclusives, others will be available in stores next year either as part of the Michiko London Koshino 2017 Spring/Summer collection, or in the Michiko Koshino x Nona9on collection. If you want to wear the pieces now – not next summer – the Laforet popup shop is your best bet.

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