How can you give your nails that extra attention?

Polished nails aren’t the only things which can turn your fingernail attractive. When you keep your nails appropriately shaped plus trimmed, then it will help in creating a stylish look to your hands. It is a fact that every hand is different, but some standard sizes and shapes would assist you in determining the shape of your nails. For the cuticles which get oval at the base, for them, square-shaped nails turn out to be the most appropriate. For the pointed cuticles, oval-shaped nails suit the best. Again, if you have small hands plus fingers, then you can try almond shaped nails.

Taking care of your nails

Nowadays, with the arrival of the current fashion scene and fashion accessory, polishes have emerged as a trendy thing for the elegant and stylish women. Nonetheless, whatever nail style you apply, taking good care of your nails is highly essential. Properly taken care of nails protects the tips of your fingers. However, the good thing is you aren’t needed to use expensive tools for taking proper nail care. All you are required to use are a nail clipper plus a nail file. You should trim your nails regularly besides moisturizing the cuticles with a lotion or a hand cream.

If you have got pointed, long nails then you must give them additional attention as they tend to be fragile and break easily. However, you can always fortify them by applying many coats of hardener solution. If you use a hand moisturizer or pure Vaseline, then they too will turn out to be excellent for your nails. You must apply them after you have washed your nails because soap does come with a drying impact. You must never bite your nails as they will not only make your nails look unsightly but also the chances of an infection.

Some vital tips

According to the professionals, the corners of your nails ought to extend only a few millimeters outside the tip. To start shaping your nails, you must begin to trim them with the help of a quality clipper. When you are using a clipper which is exceedingly hard to squeeze, then your nails will break and make inaccurate cuts. When you have got your nails trimmed, then you should start filing your nails for a smooth edge. Again, you shouldn’t ever file your nails from one side to another as it will make the stress points of your nails weak.