How to Achieve a #nomakeupSelfie

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Lately, there is a new craze on social media called no-makeup selfie. When talking about no-makeup selfies, we instantly remember those cringe-worthy moments when we accidentally open our front camera and see our triple chin, or when our phone takes a picture of uswhile we are trying to type in the password, but are constantly getting it wrong. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. What if I told you that you can look as stunning in a no-makeup selfieas all the Instagram models out there?  Follow the tips below and you will conquer Instagram in no time.

Lighting is your best friend

No matter how you look like in reality: all dolled up or like a hobo, lighting can make you look better or worse. And assuming you don’t have thering lighting or a makeup mirror in your bedroom, know that there is something even better, everyone has access to. It is called natural light. So, the next time you try to take a dope no-makeup (or any) selfie, stand near an open window facing the light. This way, dark circles around your eyes will be brightened, the shadows will be eliminated, your eyes will sparkle and your teeth will look much whiter.

Eyebrows should always be groomed

Sure, it is a no-makeup selfie, but just like you combyour hair, there is no reason not to give your eyebrows some love as well. Find a perfect shape, pluck out stray hairs, brush your brows and fill them with an eyebrow brush where needed. Set them with an eyebrow gel to make sure they stay in place and you’re done.

Oh, also, make sure you don’t overdo them, because otherwise they will distract the focus from your other facial features and look unnatural.

Good hair day

Nice hair can sometimes enhance the beauty of our face up to 70 percent. Plus, you surely don’t want hundreds of people to see your greasy roots. This is why you need to make sure your hair is clean and combed nicely. Also, if you want to get a little wild you can make a cool hairdo you never tried before like curls or bangs.

Angle is the key

I’m sure all of you have seen girls do some kind of strange yoga while taking selfies. They are shaking their heads, turning them side to side, lifting their arms etc. What they are doing is called looking for the perfect angle. However, I cannot tell you which angle is perfect for you and your face, but one angle is universal and works for anyone: hold your phone high and slightly tilt your head to the side. This way you will eliminate the double chin, show some cleavage, make your eyes look bigger and your face slimmer. This one works both when standing up or lying on your pillow.

Highlight your best features

If you have nice teeth – show them. If people constantly tell you how cute your dimples are – smile. Also, now, there are a lot of cool apps that can enlarge your eyes, whiten your teeth etc. so make sure you check them out.

Cool filter app

Filter apps can do wonders for your photos. The right filter can make your complexion, hair, teeth – everything look ten times better.

Background matters

There is nothing more hideous than seeing a photo of a beautiful girl in a dirty room. Trust me, everyone will see and focus on that instead of you. If your home is not photo-friendly, take your photos outside, blur the background or pose in front of a plain,single-colored wall.  

If no one can tell you have makeup on – you don’t have makeup on

A hint of your favorite lip balm here, a pinch of matte bronzer like the mineral one by Nude By Naturethere, just a tiny bit of mascara and voila – your face looks ten times better and makeup is practically invisible.

Be silly

Feel free to make a funny face, smile and be yourself. It will show your fabulous personality and you will look much more natural and appealing. People will think: wow, she is such a fun person. Also, make sure you avoid the duck face – it is sooo 2010. Also, you can use some props, such as a lollipop, a cute puppy or a cool book for example.


By adding some cool accessories to your outfit you are adding a touch of charm, showing off your style and also making the photo cooler and more colorful. Feel free to throw on a cool scarf, a pair of sunglasses or some interesting jewelry. However, know that two is the ultimate maximum – you don’t want to look like a walking jewelry box.

Own it!

Last but not least is to be 100 percent confident. Believe it or not, confidence radiates through photos as well. Let it be your best feature and make sure you are feeling good inside your own skin. You are beautiful,so let everyone see it!

That would be it. Have you tried these tips? Do you have some more? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below.