How to Pick the Best Earrings for Every Occasion

Opulent earrings

One of the hardest parts of planning your outfit for the day is picking the most suitable earrings. You cannot just wear any earring for any event. Some earrings are not appropriate to wear on some occasions, so make sure to plan your get-up accordingly.

You might know how to dress yourself perfectly, but matching your outfit with the right earrings is quite frustrating at times. These are our tips on how to pick the best earrings for every occasion.

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Consider event etiquette.

You do not really want to wear dangling or eccentric earrings in a formal event. You will stand out from the crowd in a bad way. At the same time, wearing elegant accessories in a casual meeting is a no-no. It is distracting and might solicit unwanted impressions.

Consider where and what kind of event you will go to before you decide to wear any earring. For formal events such as weddings or corporate gatherings, it is recommended to look elegant as much as possible without drawing any kind of unnecessary attention. Don your small hoop or drop earrings. In the workplace, you should wear studs to look professional. In more casual events or dates with friends, you can be creative with your choice of accessories as long as it matches your outfit well.

Match it with your outfit and face shape.

Complementing your dress with earrings is usually an easy task to do. Some base it in the color or shape of the clothing. Just avoid too much contrast between the colors of your outfit and your earrings. While the accessory and clothing may be attractive individually, but when combined inappropriately, they will make your overall look quite unpleasant to the eyes.

opulent earrings

Sizes and shapes of earrings are also a factor. Do you want your face to look elongated, or do you want it to look tiny? Choose earrings that will supplement your face shape rather than complement it. For example, long earrings will make your face stretched out, so this is suitable for round faces.

Pick the best type that suits your style.

Earrings are, at times, too young or too old. If you are a professional or an adult, you should prefer wearing classy jewelry to make good impressions. You should be viewed as someone with a strong aura, and elegant earrings help in showing it. Avoid wearing “young” earrings like those with bright colors or plastic materials. These will make you look cheap and immature, as opposed to what you want to show. However, if you have a jolly personality or like to dress vibrantly, earrings for the young should be a perfect match for you. You could also opt to buy luxury jewelry if you want your presence to emit a sense of elegance.


Luxury earrings are now becoming increasingly popular in the market. More women in the United States are shifting to sophisticated styles rather than staying in dull but consistent styles. However, you should not only consider the trend. Make sure to wear the right earrings on the right occasion!