Learn About Some of the Options for Printing Photographs on T-Shirts

When it comes to getting a t-shirt printed, all that a customer looks for is- What are the various options for printing photographs or designs on the t-shirt? Though one can end up exploring a lot many varieties and techniques in the field of t-shirt printing, let’s look into a few common and widely used ones depending on the type of artwork that is supposed to be printed or the size of the budget that needs to be invested in the printing. Click to read more.

Full Colour Process Printing

In order to maintain the quality of the photograph printed on the t-shirt, one occasionally opts for screen printing. Here the full colour process printing turns out to be a great experiment. The process printings seem to give the most desirable result in case of white or light coloured fabrics.

Halftone Printing

For low budget printing with efficient printing quality, it is advisable to go for singled toned halftone printing for getting any type of photograph getting printed on your t-shirt.

The halftone printing is somehow reissue to the method of newspaper printing, eyes the doors are created using ink with varied density depending on the variation of the shade to be printed.

This kind of printing is also great for photographs with poor resolution of image quality as the detailing is not that vivid here.

Artwork Redrawing

In this case the expert artists who are professional designers go for redrawing the photograph you have given for printing. The whole motif is to make it more favourable for screen printing. They basically go on to simply the shades of variations without hampering the beauty.

Though a lot of techniques are emerging each day while others are still in process, every printing style has its own significance and charisma that makes it unique since stand out among the rest.