Moissanite is an incredible alternative to diamonds- Is it true? 

Moissanite is known to have a flash of exceptional brilliance and a higher refractive index than diamond. So it is undoubtedly an excellent option to choose from when diamonds are hard to get into the pocket. Especially for couples, whose special days are very near knocking the door, moissanite rings can be incredible. If you are still on a tiff, this guide can help you out with every detail.

What makes moissanite differs from diamond?

Whether it is moissanite or a diamond, pricing online is always a better option. Online retailers offer huge discounts on moissanite and diamond rings. However, choosing a good retailer is crucial to avoid duplicity of gemstones and reliability of the stone. Where the refractive index of diamond is 2.42, moissanite has a refractive index of 2.65, which is much higher than that of a diamond. Thus, shine and luster are at top priority. Clarity of diamond ranges from a little flawed to nearly flawless; however, moissanite rings are incredibly flawless. The texture of both moissanite and diamond is roughly colorless to colorless. Yet, moissanite still has a faintly yellowish to grey tinge that becomes more visible in broad daylight. Finally, when the cost comes in the picture, the diamond is way more expensive than moissanite. 1.0 carat of diamond costs nearly $10,000, but when it is 1.0 carat of moissanite, it is as less as $600. Thus, all of these features mentioned above, enlightens how moissanite rings are different from diamond rings.

What is moissanite?

Discovered from a meteor crater, moissanite is a gemstone that is born from stars. In 1893, the great French scientist Henri Mosain discovered this incredibly beautiful crystal from the heart of Arizona. Initially, there was no doubt of these crystals of being diamond; however, with time, it was evident that these are crystals of silicon carbide, which gives a better surface with least attraction towards dirt and grease. Thus, you can enjoy an extended period of wearing these dazzles without the fear of them getting dirty and greasy. Since moissanite looks very similar to diamonds, the increasing demand for his gemstone is insanely high. Moissanite rings often get into the delusion of being fake diamonds. However, it is wrong. Moissanite is a gemstone of its own kind, quite distinct from a diamond in terms of composition, brilliance, shine, price, and designs. Thus, if you are looking forward to pepping your special days with a little more sparkle and dazzle, moissanite engagement rings is a fantastic choice. If the budget is the prime concern and you intend to have a small cut on your budget, why not moissanite? It can be as good as diamonds.

Vintage Inspired Moissanite Engagement Ring

Why are both moissanite and diamond the best choice for engagement rings?

When engagement is the occasion, both diamond and moissanite are great. Bith reaps the benefits quite well. Some flawless qualities, both these gemstones offer you with are discussed below.

  1. Durability– In terms of strength, gemstones are scaled in the Mohs scale. A higher score promises higher durability. In the case of a diamond, it has a complete count of 10 and is undoubtedly the hardest on the planet. Moissanite also has a high score of 9.5, which is quite high compared to other gemstones of the earth. Thus both moissanite and diamond are a great option, and you can wear both of them that won’t break or get scratched easily.
  1. Sparkle– Both diamond and moissanite rings are highly appreciated due to the luster and flawless shine they offer. Moissanite offers a distinct sparkle due to a different faceting pattern. It also provides a rainbow-like dazzle and disco-ball brilliance. Diamonds, in contrast, gives a colorless sparkle. Thus it is up to you, what you want to choose, a diamond or moissanite.
  1. Cut– Variety of shapes are available in both diamonds and moissanite. However, the round is the most common shape available in the market. The brilliant cuts offered in both of these stones are to die for it.

It is difficult to say how these stones are different from each other. However, if you are a specialist in gemstones, you might hunt for the integral variations. Visually, it is nearly impossible to demarcate between the two.

Should you prefer moissanite moreover a diamond? 

Be it your wedding, or engagement, or anniversary; moissanite rings can be the best you can surprise your beloved with. Moissanite engagement rings are globally available now, with some incredible designs and flawless luster. There are a few reasons why you can choose moissanite over a diamond.

  • Moissanite is way less expensive than diamonds. For instance, a single carat of diamond costs you around $1000, whereas you need to pay as less as $449 to $600 for the same Moissanite quantity. Thus, there is a massive difference in the monetary figures, then can push your preference towards moissanite.
  • The brilliance factor is undeniably high in moissanite. The moissanite engagement rings sold in the online platforms or offline stores are simply alluring, and the dazzle is incomparable. The higher refractive index of moissanite, compared to diamond, is the primary factor contributing to such brilliant dazzle.
  • An extended clarity of moissanite is another reason to choose it over any other gemstone. Moissanite is never sold in the market unless it has an unbeatable or a competing radiance and clarity, like that of a diamond.
  • Moissanite has a history of great ethical origin that makes it environmentally friendly. Moissanite is never mined from the heart of the earth, excavating lands. This aspect has reduced unethical labor and warfare to huge limits. The carbon footprints are also very less in the count. Thus moissanite engagement rings are eco-friendly choices for your best days of life.

If you are incredibly eager to make a striking difference in your wedding or engagement, think no more than once before heading towards the best store with the best collection of moissanite rings. You will surely make a memorable day for your beloved one that will last for a lifetime.