Over the knee boots

What are they?

Over the knee boots, also known also as thigh-length boots or simply thigh boots, are boots that extend above the knees to at least mid-thigh. These boots are guaranteed to make for long near-endless legs. These seductive looking boots are usually flat, with block heels, reach over the knee and are compatible with just about everything –from dresses to skinny jeans.

The British series “The Avengers” from the 1960s with Agent Emma Peel could be regarded as one of the“official” founders. Peel wore high boots with a revolver hidden in a shaft. In the 1980s they became a fashion trend, especially within a broad range of fetish-related clothing. The image of Julia Roberts in the film Pretty Woman, in which she depicts a prostitute with lacquer over the knee boots, had a decisive influence. This style has been experiencing a revival since 2009 and finding its way onto the international catwalks. Even Icons such as Madonna or fashion designer Victoria Beckham showcasetheir own collections in over the knee boots. The boots are usually worn with skinny jeans, leggings, shorts and mini dresses. Thigh boots are made of materials ranging from various leathers to various synthetic materials (including vinyl, polyurethane, or latex) to various fabrics (such as silk or polyester microfiber). Many are constructed with zippers, but some are designed as pull-on boots. Heel heights vary, but most styles are either flat or with heels greater than 3 inches (7.5 cm). Heel styles vary from metal spikes to chunky. Like other boots, they can also have platform soles.

But aren’t they a bit too…kinky?

Absolutely not! There is a common misconception regarding this type of footwear, namely the fact that it’s closely associated with women who work in the sex industry. Many people interpret it to be either a trend related to prostitution or some kind of fetish-trend. They assume that women who wear such an outfit intend to send a certain message. To whom, you might ask?

The starring gentlemen, obviously. It is interesting to note that this model of thought still prevails in many minds: A woman dresses herself in aprompting manner because she wants to be approached by strangers whenever and wherever possible. As if we were living in times where there’s no other way to get to know someone other than through bar-talk.

In a 21st century of growing empowerment to the female sex this couldn’t (shouldn’t!) be further from the truth.

Drop the prejudice, embrace the change.

Whether you wear a flat suede pair with a mini-skirt in lieu of tights (as long as the weather permits) or hike up some high-heel leather ones over your skinniest skinny jeans.Overtheknee boots are actually some of the most versatile shoes in your wardrobe, especially for autumn and winter. There are plenty of ways to match up a nice pair of over the knee boots with astounding, stylish results. You just need to get creative!