Reinvent Your Summer Style with Flip Flops


The fact that summer season is on its peak come as the best excuse to ditch your shoes and replace them with flip flops. The sweltering heat will make your feat feel suffocated. And flip flops are perfect replacement. They will keep your feet comfortable and ventilated. You can wear them with chinos or shorts etc. and will amp up your fashionable look. Men flip flop online brings you a vast plethora of options to choose from which makes choosing the right pair such a daunting task. Therefore we have listed down some of the tried and tested style that will go perfectly with different looks. Have a look at the following and make sure that you wear them every day, everywhere.

  • Slide flip flops

To all those of you who don’t know slides are having a fashion moment. These flip flops usually feature a wide band across the toes. The strap can be made of different materials such as leather or rubber. Easy to put on and off they are extremely comfortable and versatile. Although many men consider slides crude or prefer to keep the confined to the shower but they are great for cool and casual look. And you just cannot ignore the comfort factor. You can also use them for athletic activities if you choose a sportier design.

  • Toning flip flops

Toning flip flops are basically designed to tone leg muscles. However they are not designed to be worn for longer hours as it can cause muscle pain. So if you are planning to walk for longer hour or undertaking some athletic activities please don’t wear toning flip flops.

  • Thong flip flops

Thong flip flops are identified by a narrow band across the toes attached on the sides. It also has a small strap going between the first and second toe as a result of which the wearer is able to hold it in place when walking. They are great for the summer season and are sure to amp up your casual look when worn with shorts or jeans. Whether you are going for poolside barbeques, family picnics or beach vacations they come as the ideal choice. Available in a host of trendy and colourful design and colour they are sure to become your go-to summer footwear.

Flip flops have got a bad rep among fashionable men but they are super cool option especially during summers. Opt for bright coloured ones to make a fashion statement. Team a pair of stylish blue flip flops with denim shorts and grey t-shirt for a cool and casual look. A leather flip flop is perfect for elegant look. Opt for black or brown colour for a fashionable look.

Have a family dinner to attend? Wear a polo t-shirt teamed with blue jeans and add a pair of stylish black flip flops. Complete the look with big dial watch and look smart and dashing. Flip flops can also be easily dressed up or down. So you can wear them to late night hanging with your boys with as much oomph as you can wear them to date nights. All you need is to pick the right style to go with your dress and occasion.