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Safety Considerations When Selecting Clothes for Babies

Buying clothes for our baby has never been easy because we have to consider a lot of factors before pushing that shopping cart and go directly to the cashier. We always think of being practical in choosing baby clothes, and as well as its quality to make sure that the fabric that we have selected is comfy and durable. But what makes sense on being practical in choosing our baby clothes? Their SAFETY.

Above everything mentioned, safety must be first on our list when it comes choosing their wardrobes. Being cautious is better than anything else especially when this is all about our little children. Now, here are some suggestions that will definitely help you in choosing baby clothes, and will make you worry-free all the time.

  • Avoid cords and strings

Draw cords, strings, sash, decorative ties, or even laces are all strangulation hazard. They are usually present to jackets, sweaters, and shoes that might cause danger to our baby. As much as possible, refrain from buying those baby clothes that has drawstrings or remove them immediately as much as possible to avoid any unwanted circumstance.

  • Avoid choking hazard materials

There is lots of choking hazard materials that are usually being added or decorated to the baby clothes. We must name them all – buttons, snaps, bows, zipper tip, beads, jewel trims, fabric or hanger loops, rhinestones, and all decorative appliques that you can think of. Whether they were sawn, glued, or heat-sealed, all of them are dangerous to our little ones. As early as possible, remove them immediately or prefer plain fabric and printed clothing to get away from any risks.

  • Snug-fitting Sleepwear is a MUST

When it comes to baby sleepwear, flammability is one of the most important factors to be considered. You must choose a fabric or apparel which is made from flame-retardant materials. Be aware that the children sleepwear, when passed the universal safety regulatory, is usually labelled snug-fitting or flame-resistant.

In the US, there is an agency such as Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that monitors the safety of all garments or apparel before putting it on the market. Always remember that whatever happens, we must never put the safety of our baby at any risks. Prevention is still the best way to get rid any unwanted circumstances. Baby Star is one of the best providers of baby clothes.