Shop Louis Vuitton Handbags in Turkey

A global mega-luxury brand today, Louis Vuitton has a long and a humble history. It all started when its founder, Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris in 1837. At a time when round trunk was in trend, Louis Vuitton revolutionized the luggage industry by introducing flat trunks, that could easily be stacked and occupied less space.

The flat trunks were an instant hit amongst the elite in Paris and since then, for the brand, there was no looking back. Today the brand and the Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern are considered as the world’s most valuable brand.

Be it the Alma, the Neverfull, the Papillon or the Speedy; we all know a Louis Vuitton handbags the moment we spot one. The brand is coveted and lusted for by ladies across the world, and while many of us would spend a hefty amount on owning one, there is, however, a smarter way of owning one.

Welcome to the world of Pre-owned Luxury fashion in Turkey. You can call it pre-owned or pre-loved but the fact of the matter is that it’s still a Louis Vuitton and that it will last for years.

A pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag or accessory is the choice of a smart shopper. Needless to say, it is not only affordable but in the fast changing world of fashion, it is also a convenient option. And when it comes to shopping Louis Vuitton handbags in Turkey, it’s best to choose My Luxury Bargain.

The website sells authentic pre-owned Louis Vuitton up to 80% below its retail price in the boutique. It has curated an exquisite collection of Vintage and Limited Edition Louis Vuitton handbags from boutiques and individual sellers from across the world. We’ve shortlisted two of our favorites for you to check out:

 Louis Vuitton ‘Richard Prince’ Watercolor Monogram Papillion

The talented artist Richard Prince collaborated with Marc Jacobs for the 2008 Spring/Summer runway and presented an inspiring and luxe collection of handbags. This particular handbag has a beautiful watercolor brushed over the brand’ monogram canvas. It’s one of those handbags that will surely be called vintage in the coming years. Featuring a beautiful acetate frame the brand marking ‘Louis Vuitton’ can be spotted from a distance. It’s a spacious handbag that will hold all your essentials and more.

It is best suited for a special evening when it is critical for you to make an impact.

 Louis Vuitton ‘Stephen Sprouse’ Speedy 30 handbag

The famous American fashion Designer, Stephen Sprouse, is credited with revolutionizing fashion by introducing downtown punk and pop sensibility and mixing it with uptown sophistication.

He is a renowned fashion designer of the 80s. In 2001 Stephen Sprouse made a comeback and collaborated with Marc Jacobs, the then creative head at Louis Vuitton. The 2001 collection is known to be a very bold collection from a conservative Louis Vuitton, that didn’t want to experiment too much.

This particular Lime Green Graffiti Speedy 30 handbag was launched years later as a tribute to Stephen Sprouse.  The collection was an instant hit and won the hearts of many celebrities. Its graffiti on the brand’s monogram canvas was adored by fashionistas across the world.

The bag is perfect when one needs to stand apart from the crowd and make a lasting impression. It’s spacious and can easily transform itself from a morning handbag to an evening handbag.

 Both these pre-owned Louis Vuitton bags and the much more that are available with My Luxury Bargain are a must have. The website allows its buyers to negotiate the price of the handbag directly with its seller. It’s a great way of scoring high-end luxury fashion at a bargain!