Some Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

If you’re planning on popping the question but don’t know what kind of ring to pick, here’s a few tips that will help you find the perfect ring for your perfect person.

  1. Know the 4C’s Colour

How clear the diamond is, diamonds with less colour are rarer.  Cut, the quality of a diamonds cut will determine how well it releases light; Clarity, the absence of any imperfections and blemishes, and Carat Weight, the size of the diamond. Knowing which C is most important in your ring will help you narrow down what it is you’re looking for.

  1. Diamond Shapes

The most popular shape for a diamond is round, but there are a variety of other shapes available too; to explore other options, have a look at Tacori Engagement Rings.

  1. Picking the right metal

Choosing from Platinum, Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold or Silver will affect the overall look of the piece. White Gold and Platinum are the most popular, but it’s down to personal taste.

  1. Choosing your setting.

The three most common settings for engagement rings are prong, bezel and halo. The setting you choose will highlight the diamond, and protect it from damage.

  1. Side Stones

Side stone can dress up an engagement ring and can vary from coloured gems to diamond stones that complement the centre stone, depending on preference.

  1. Look at the diamond in different lights

A diamond can look very different under various lights. Checking these lights will make sure that the ring performs well in all lighting.

  1. Getting the best sparkle

A diamond with the best cut will have the best sparkle. A ring with more diamonds will sparkle more, which is why diamond side stones are a popular choice.

  1. Pick the right style for your partner

Make sure you’re picking the right style for them, not for you. You can either ask what your partner wants or if you’re going for the element of surprise, there are a few other ways to get a sense of their style. Observe the jewelry they already wear, ask their friends, or go shopping together and see what catches their eye.

  1. Know the right size

Make sure you’re picking the right size for the ring you choose. If you don’t know your partner’s ring size, you can measure a ring they already have to make sure you get the right size.

  1. Determine your budget

Spend what you think is right. The old saying of spending three months salary is old fashioned and doesn’t need to apply. It doesn’t matter how much you spend if you put the research in and pick the right ring for your partner.

  1. Picking a Jeweler

Make sure you’re buying from a reliable, credited jeweler. That way, if you do need the ring resized or changed, you’re able to get it sorted easily.

  1. Get a Diamond Grading Report

This report will determine the quality of the diamond, and if it’s been treated to change the colour at all.

Following these 12 tips will help you pick the perfect engagement ring for your partner.