Specific Materials Used In Different Custom Printing

People uses printing tactics for different purposes. For advertising purpose they need printed business cards and vouchers. For domestic purpose people get printed their door hangings and vehicle hangings. Custom printing is useful for other materials as well like for sports uniform, swimming costume, bags and active wear. For different kind of printing people uses different fabric. Spandex is a kind of fabric people use to manufacture sports uniform and active wears. On these dresses custom printing is very useful, people get their team’s icon or names printed on them. Different colours and shades make these dresses more attractive.

Among different fabrics, Spandex fabric is unique. It’s a cotton spandex knitted fabric. This soft and stretchy fabric is a combination of two kinds of fabric, 92% cotton and 8% spandex. Usually this fabric is used to make swimming wear, t-shirts, baby diapers or loungewear. Many baby product manufacturers prefer spandex fabric for making thin blanket or baby pants. This fabric is stretchy a kind of rubber appearance so you cannot directly iron them. For washing purpose this cloth can be washed manually or by washing machine, for ironing reverse the cloth and then apply hot iron. Mostly tight fitting clothes are made from Spandex fabric. Like active wear and swimming costume, some people find it difficult to move after wearing this cloth. After some washes and regular ironing this cloth gets stretched and become loose.

Every kind of uniform or clothing is manufactured on the basis of two facts one durability and another is moisture management. Sports uniform and other fitting clothes can be made from Spandex fabric as well as polyester, poly, and speed dry or warp knitted clothes. It depends upon the choice of user which kind of material he prefers. Spandex fabric absorbs much sweat and thus you do not feel either very hot or very cold in this fabric. This is a suitable fabric for both seasons. Mostly basketball coach and soccer coach prefer spandex fabric for their player’s uniform as this fabric is durable, comfortable and takes shape of everybody. So for swimming costumes are concerned polyester fabric retain colour for longer period, spandex and nylon may loss colour after few wash.

Spandex fabric looks amazing when you choose full printing on it. It is a myth that full printing is expensive, today technology has made everything possible and affordable. Thus full printing on spandex fabric is economical and looks very attractive. It is also a myth that dry cleaning is best for printed clothes, so far dry cleaners uses many chemicals which is harmful for Spandex fabric.

So, Spandex seller suggest to home wash it or machine wash it gently. It is also a saying that dye sub printing on spandex do not lasts longer on the other hand screen printing lasts longer. Today technology has turned the table for every misbelief, today screen printing on spandex fabric do not catch cracks unless you put direct hot iron on printing. If you iron them on reverse cloth any printing on Spandex fabric lasts longer. If you are quality concern and comfort conscious then spandex fabric is best for uniforms and active wears.