The basics of tattoo removal you should be aware of

Tattoos have become more than a style statement as they have turned into a sort of identity. People like to tattoo their body with symbols they believe in or which they consider as extended forms of their individuality. Then, there are those who ink their partner’s names or any other symbols related to them and then they want to get away with it post a breakup. How to remove a tattoo? There are also instances when people outgrow a certain tattoo and no longer relate with it. Well, all these examples mean they want to get rid of a tattoo as soon as possible. Thankfully, today tattoos can be removed and there are several methods for the same.

Tattoo removal methods that are popular – A knowhow

As of now, there are four main methods of tattoo removal.  They are laserless tattoo removal, laser tattoo removal, dermabrasion tattoo removal and tattoo removal cream. Each has its own pros and cons.


How to remove a tattoo? Laserless tattoo removal method is a simple method that can be tried at home. It consists of a remedy that uses natural herbs which work on the pigments of the tattoo ink and the removes all traces of the tattoo by breaking down the ink. You get its guide which gives detailed steps on the same. If you do not get the results, the makers also give you money back guarantee. This is one method that is safe, easy and effective, all at the same time.

Laser treatment is widely used as it can remove tattoo marks completely and permanently. The laser penetrates into the ink by breaking down the ink particles and removes all traces of tattoo effectively. The benefit of this method is that it removes tattoo in such a way that the skin will look as if there was no tattoo ever on it. But at the same time, there are several disadvantages to it. It is a very expensive procedure and will take several sittings, with each setting at a price. Also, it is very painful.

The Dermabrasion method of tattoo removal involves removal of the top layer of the skin that has the tattoo. The skin then heals on its own. This is a risky method and is expensive as well. It can also leave behind permanent scars.


The fourth method is using a tattoo removal cream. This is a simple methods in which the cream has to be applied topically on the tattoo. Over time, the ink is broken down which leads to fading away of the tattoo. Though inexpensive and painless, this is not a method without side effects. The skin may turn pale or there might be shell-like formation on the skin, which may last for couple of weeks.

If you are opting for tattoo removal, ensure that you know all details about the procedure and the after-effects of it. Of all, the laserless method is the only one that seems to be an effective yet side-effect free procedure.