The Best Selling Products for Team Bride Gifts

Weddings happen throughout the year, and the creative lifestyles of the soon-to-wed have given birth to awesome trends for these special occasions. Among these trends are bridesmaid proposals. Brides-to-be ask their best female friends and close relatives to be a part of the entourage in a fancy and sweet way.

This trend is not expected to go away anytime soon, if ever, and it has become a new business opportunity for wedding vendors. If you are looking to take advantage of this trend and create a business out of it, this may prove to be an easy and successful venture. 

According to veteran wedding vendors, the possibilities are endless for team bride gifts, and the best strategy for success in becoming a provider of team bride gifts is a combination of feminine artistry and a keen eye for top sellers in the gift market

And speaking of in-demand products in the gift market for bridesmaid proposals and thank you presents, listed below are seven of them.

1. Candles

With self-care and hygge being such a popular trend among women these days, it’s no wonder candles remain a product category in the gift market that is popular for team bride gifts. 

There are so many styles to choose from — you have upscale designs, charming country favorites, and those candles that can come with a message. To make candles much fancier presents, it’s good to provide wood matches that can come in customized boxes or containers as a matching present.

2. Bath products

Everything — from handmade soaps to bath salts and bath bombs — is perfect as a team bride gift, but more so if these items come in custom designs and beautifully put together sets.

Bath products are always appreciated, especially if they come in elegant packaging and delicious, signature scents.

3. Custom clothing

Personalized ladies’ shirts in the wedding’s colors make lovely inclusions for a team bride gift pack as well. They are great to wear before and after the wedding. Quite often, bridesmaids wear these for official get-togethers with the bride such as a girls’ trip or a photoshoot.

Aside from shirts, robes, pajamas, and hoodies with a name embroidery are solid options as well.

4. Sweet treats

Baked goodies such as cookies, macarons, and cupcakes, as well as custom-made candies and chocolates make great gifts for the bridesmaids and other female members of the entourage. 

It’s always nice to bring in something edible into the mix for the gift pack or to create an entire gift pack made of these sweet treats. 

5. Small bottles of spirits

Solo-sized bottles of champagne, wine, artisanal beer, and spirits are not only pretty; you can be sure they’ll be put to good use by team bride members. 

And to make them even more fitting for the occasion, they can be labeled according to the event they would be perfect for, such as a bridal shower, bachelorette party, and pre-wedding toast among the girls. To make these gifts even fancier, you can attach a little goblet to the bottles for the recipients to drink the beverage from.

6. Cosmetics

The members of team bride will always appreciate makeup and skin care products that they can actually use before and after the wedding. The bride can already choose colors of lipstick and eye makeup that will go with the theme of the wedding and will be used by the makeup artist for the big day.

Giving skin care products such as lotion, moisturizer, eye cream, serums, and toners is also smart considering how busy everybody gets before the wedding and how much more essential skin care is to look good for the event.

7. Jewelry

Minimalist necklaces in silver or gold with the initials of the bridesmaid’s name are a sweet gift — earrings and bangles, too, which can all be worn to the wedding.

Gifting bridesmaids and other members of the wedding entourage jewelry to complete their wedding day look is a great way to achieve complete uniformity. Plus, it takes out the guesswork on how they would need to accessorize for the affair.

The options for team bride gifts are not limited to these seven. 

However, these are the products that make the most sense as team bride gifts. You can even put all of them together along with a few other kitschy and fun items for an extravagant gift pack that any recipient will surely love. This can translate into better sales performance or absolute sales if you are looking to take advantage of this wedding trend as part of your business goals.


Momin Rabbani is the Founder of Emirates Apparel in Dubai, a trademark of Aston GB General Trading Co LLC. The company has secured authorised UAE distributor status of the world-famous American brands Fruit of the Loom and Russell Europe, also known as Jerzees. Emirates Apparel aims to be the leading supplier of quality promotional, work wear and leisurewear garments in the UAE.