The Celebrity and the Tattoos for Your Choice

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The craze for tattooing really came back between 1990 and 2000, many personalities, such as singers, actors, models and other characters seen by the population, are tattooed and exhibit, just like Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie who are two well-known actresses who play in movies seen by millions of people.

They have created a real fad because many young people start to look at tattooing: in 2003, it was found that about 31% of young people between 11 and 19 years are tempted to get tattooed. We also find that Americans are more tattooed than the French, in 2008, there was about 16% of the American population who is tattooed, and in 2012, the FIFG, in a new survey, noted 21 % of the US population that is tattooed, 5% increase in 4 years.

Currently, tattoo designs that are most successful are tattoos with Asian inspiration (Chinese symbols such as dragons, fish) and tribal patterns. From tatuaggi this is the best deal now.

  • We also note that tattooing is a popular art in the sense that it affects all age groups: a girl of 20 can be as well tattooed as a man of 50 years. They are also people from all walks of life who are tattooed. The workers are known to have tattoos, but currently it is quite possible to find, for example, bank employees with tattoos.
  • However, even if the tattoo starts to arrive in several professional fields, the tattoo remains the most present in the industrial field: it has been found that people with a large number of tattoo are those who go to industrial jobs. This can be explained by the fact that tattooing can be a reason that prevents an employer of a company from hiring someone based on where he has his tattoo.

Tattooing is currently experiencing tremendous success. However, some are still reluctant to get their favorite design engraved under the skin. If you are still hesitant to act, the PJ gives you his best advice.

The Summertime

During the summer, be it by the swimming pools or at the beach, the naked bodies reveal their engraved drawings in the flesh. And since it’s autumn, and it’s time to quail, no better time to talk about it. Not surprisingly, a large percentage of young people, but also the youngest are tattooed. The tattoo is desacralized and we live today a real boom in the diffusion of this art. Be careful though, because its popularity is double-edged. Between masterpiece and ridicule, there is only one step. This difference is to the person who wants to tattoo to do it. She must choose an original and unique drawing (that usually several thousand people have also chosen).

Before going to the needles, it is necessary to make sure that it is a real desire and not a caprice. But since all tattoos are a whim, go for it. In any case thanks to the invention of the laser, there is no more hesitation to have. Check Aureo Roma Tattoo & Gallery for best tattoo studio.