The recommended treatment for pimple marks by top dermatologist

Pimples arrive without any warning before and there is no fixed or assumed time to leave. Pimple marks do not appear as same to everyone it gets differ in their causes and characteristic by the health of a person. While skin gets repair by temporary inflammation that causes pimple and it damages the skin then leave marks.

Usually, the thicker skin will cause by dark spots and that will vanish within a few months. But be aware and careful while the thicker dark spots are not vanishing. Treat the deeper marks careful to go away else consult a dermatologist. Here the reason for pimples and how severe to treat the marks.

Did the treatment of acne scars and pimple marks get differ?

Aside from genetics, acne marks and scars are completely different and the treatment for both gets differ by several methods. Due to the several lifestyle habits and spending time in the sun will make scars and dark marks in the skin.

A famous dermatologist says as the discoloration of a dark mark will usually happen over time and it tends to take time to get fade. The time taken period to fade is not possible to assume. It takes a few months or few years there is no assurance for that.

 But in the modern technology world, there is the number of treatments is available to treat and speed up the process of fading marks. Here the treatments and methods to answer the question of how to remove pimple marks are listed.


Sun exposure during an active breakout will make the dark spots darken and harder to fade. To avoid that lather on sunscreen regularly although in the rainy season. By using updated technology and latest formulas the sunscreen is designed to break out the pores.

Sunscreen creams clogging the pores and treats more acne-friendly than ever. It includes the anti-inflammatory ingredient to reduce the redness and become famous for top derm-approved.

Topical Serum

Vitamin C Serums are suggested by the top dermatologist to block abnormal production in pigment and it lightens the spots which have already get brighten. Choose the cream which has many compositions of vitamin C serum to build collagen and promote healing.


Retinoids are also famous as Retin-A which helps to fade hyperpigmentation and work to increase the cell turnover on the skin. It works to cause the skin cells to divide rapidly. Discolor the pigments by pushing out the divided dead cells and make the skin ultra-sensitive to the sun.

Chemical Peel

A treatment chemical peel is prescribed by the dermatologist according to the skin type to stronger peel from treatment goals. For this treatment application of mild chemicals is used to treat dark spots and results in skin refinement and regeneration.

A chemical product of glycolic acid is used in the treatment to promote cell turnover and stimulate new skin cells and even out the skin tone. Acids of glycolic and salicylic are used to treat chemical peel to fade spots from exfoliating dead skin then help to smoothens skin texture.