The SPA And the Women and You

About 85% of women have cellulite. Some scientists consider its presence a normal feature of the female body. Someone says that this is a disease that needs to be treated. And photos of ideal bodies on Instagram impose on us that this is embarrassing, and the skin must be smooth and even. For the weekend spa package at StromSpa this is important now.

Does anti-cellulite massage work, what needs to be changed in lifestyle and what habits should be introduced so that cellulite disappears once and for all?

Causes of occurrence

  • Manifestations
  • Solution options
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  • Causes of cellulite
  1. Heredity

The presence of cellulite in your ancestors in the female line does not guarantee that it will appear in you. But a genetic predisposition can play a role, so do not forget about sports, proper nutrition and preventive procedures for skin tone.

  1. Weight changes and frequent diets

If you were overweight, then you lost weight dramatically, and then gained, and then lost weight again, the chances of gaining cellulite are very high. Due to such jumps in weight, the skin loses elasticity, stretches and becomes flabby and any diets that predict a sharp weight loss, very bad effect on her condition.

  1. Wrong lifestyle

If you often drink alcohol, coffee, drink a lot of coffee and a little water, work at a sedentary job, do not exercise, sleep little and eat “on the run” the “orange peel” will not keep you waiting. Elementary rules and a healthy lifestyle will return skin tightness, and the body health.

Body cleansing

The easiest and most affordable way to cleanse the body is to arrange fasting days. This unloading can be starvation, if your body is ready for this. But it’s better to start with the fact that once a week you eat only one category of foods. For example, during the day there is one type of fruit or vegetable. If you usually eat tight, then unload salads without mayonnaise. Fans of dairy products are suitable for “kefir” days. And most importantly drink plenty of water.

Anti-cellulite treatments in SPA

One of the most effective and at the same time pleasant anti-cellulite remedies is a visit to the spa. Here, scientific achievements, ancient traditions of beauty, as well as positive emotions come into the fight against the problem this tool always works. As a result, the skin comes in tone, the “orange peel” gradually disappears and an emotional background is established. Of course, for faster and more stable results, the problem must be approached comprehensively. In addition to regular spa treatments, do not forget about sports and nutrition. To choose a program, consult with spa specialists.

Anticellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is a very effective tool in the fight against the problem of “orange peel”. It helps to improve the condition of the skin and eliminates excess fat cells. As a result, swelling goes away, metabolism in tissues accelerates, and blood circulation in problem areas improves.

During the massage, the skin is intensively rubbed, the muscles warm up, the capillary circulation accelerates, toxic substances leave the fatty tissue, and the skin is enriched with oxygen. Often in the process of anti-cellulite massage use cans, massage brushes and honey. This allows you to more effectively cleanse the skin and remove toxins from the lymph.