The Style Statement Comes At the Best with the Best Bags

Retro, summery and trendy, the straw bag is essential this year as the it bag to adopt. Long confined to the role of beach bag, this season it invades cities with its country air. Her little extra? It matches trends. Pompoms, sequins or printed fabrics, the straw bag evolves in tandem with fashion.

Which straw bag to choose?

This season, straw bag and baskets are available in all forms. Raffia, straw, wicker or bamboo, they are the essential accessories of the spring-summer 2019 collection. Take a look at the flagship models of the year.

The round bag

Cute, vintage, elegant, the mini round bag is doing well among the straw bags. Its small size and bohemian look make it the centerpiece of all influencers. Seduced, they do not hesitate to associate it with a printed dress or a long floral dress.


Its retro look gives the air of fashion icons. If you like to mix strict and casual looks, the basket is the ideal option. With a straight dress, black pants or a pencil skirt , it will enhance your outfit in style. The little tip? Wear it in the palm of your arm or by hand.

The suitcase

With its air of a precious box or box, the suitcase or rectangular bag is the favorite of this season. A city outing? A picnic in the grass? It’s simple, it adapts to all situations. Its shape is its main asset: it allows you to carry the essentials easily without being cluttered with a large bag.

The beach tote

A sunny stroll, a quick tour of the market or a trip to the sea, the beach tote will accompany you everywhere. Thanks to its XXL size, it allows you to carry with you everything you need and much more. Always more attractive, you can’t resist the urge to decorate it with a scarf or a pompom.

The purse bag

More original, the purse will appeal to those who like to differentiate themselves. Its pineapple shape will add a touch of exoticism to all your summer outfits. Worn on the shoulder and accompanied by a long dress, it will be the bohemian touch of your look.

What to associate the straw bag with?

Be careful, even with an essential such as the straw bag, it is possible to make a faux-pas fashion. For that, here are some tips to avoid making the wrong choices.

Bet on denim

The natural shades of straw and blue jeans are the wedding of the year. For a casual look in town with your bag, opt for a denim piece (jacket , skirt or pants) or a total look to be on top.

Yes to prints

Print is the other trend of the year. We like them colorful, exotic, dotted or flowery. What could be better than combining them with the style of the straw bag for a successful summer look?

We love the bohemian look

Timeless and always more trendy, the bohemian is the best ally of the straw bag. For this we opt for long outfits: dresses and long pants, jumpsuits, floral blouses. The bohemian style offers a wide variety of possibilities.