Things to Consider When Choosing Flower Girl Dresses

Amongst the bridal party members, the flower girl draws the most attention. Therefore, they should be dressed to suit the occasion. As the girl walks down the aisle smiling adorably and tossing the petals, all eye will be focused on her which livens the wedding mood. Regardless of whether the girl is your family friend, sister, cousin, or niece, choosing a perfect girls flower girl dresses for her will make her extra confident throughout the wedding day. Below are things you should consider when choosing the flower girl dress.

Choose the Desired Style and Color First

As a bride, you have the free will of choosing the flower girl dress as there are no rules dictating the acceptable fabric, fit, color, and style. However, it is good to pick one that fits your wedding aesthetic, with the most popular ones being ivory frock or white dresses. Alternatively, you can go for one that matches the hue of the rest of the bridesmaid’s which will visually connect the flower girl to the bridal party. In case you are in doubt about the color and style of the dress to go for, consider asking for advice from reputable wedding consultant.

Consider the Season

The flower girl dress should work with the season to ensure that the wearer is comfortable during the big day. You should go for open-toed shoes and short sleeves if your wedding is scheduled for a warm season. On the other hand, for cold seasons, add sweaters and tights. This way, it will not be too cold or hot for the flower girl, keeping her active through the day.

Remember that Fabric Matters

While the dresses fabric should match the wedding aesthetics, it is advisable to stay away from the itchy, stiff, or heavy fabric. Considering that your flower girl will be walking around with the gown the entire day, you should choose dresses which resists rips and wrinkles such as satin, which is comfortable and durable. You should avoid silk even though it is comfortable as it tears easily despite its expensive cost.

Choose the Perfect Length

Most dresses are tea-length or floor-length, both of which falls a few inches below the knee. For a young girl, a tea-length dress will be perfect since it will not drag on the ground causing trip hazards. As for the older and taller girls, they will look elegant in floor-length dress sense makes them look formal and presentable. Additionally, when choosing the dress, you should consider the neckline to avoid wardrobe mishaps during your big day.

Consider the Cost

There are numerous types and makes of flower girl, each going at a different price. Before settling on a specific dress, confirm that it falls within your wedding budget. In some situations, the flower girl parent’s will pay for the dress hence you should stay away from anything expensive if you feel that they can’t afford it.

A wedding ceremony is an important rite of passage and should be made a memorable occasion. By choosing the right girls flower girl dresses, you are assured that your guests will enjoy the ceremony especially when walking down the aisle.