Top 5 uses of umbrella you probably didn’t know

Umbrella has always been a part of protective gear in rain. It is absolutely hard to move out without it especially during rain and also during summer when the user need shielding from scorching sunlight. But, with the passage of time, this protective gear has donned many hats. Let’s find out what all we can do with umbrellas

  • Umbrellas as publicity material

You can get your kiosk overhead covering made in umbrella design. A stylish umbrella with broad aegis having the brand name, logo or punch line printed on it can be the best bet for registering the presence amongst the target audience. In addition to using as a temporary kiosk material, you can also have it as publicity merchandise to be placed in accessories section of the superstore.

  • Umbrella as material for bridal decoration

The user can go as fanciful as possible while experimenting with various designs and fabric colors. Use of beautiful laces imparting it an elegant look makes umbrellas look quite feminine and are rightfully placed in the wedding decor over the group of chairs. Also known as parasols, umbrellas for weddings are ordered in bulk by the wedding planners and they use it to bring a royal appeal to the overall set-up.

  • Extra-large umbrella for golf courses

The extra-large umbrellas capable of providing ample protection to people at golf courses and outdoors too, are useful when you want to move out with small family carrying only one of these. So, golfers as well as all other outdoors enthusiasts love carrying this umbrella and they may go extra mile by getting their name embossed on it.

  • Umbrella as part of Christmas decoration

LED umbrellas are also have made it to the shelves and sell like hot cake during Christmas season. This unique umbrella design is used as a decorative element in perking up the atmosphere at homes and other venues of celebration.

So, these are a few of unique uses of umbrella that make it a lot more than mere protective gear for stepping out in rain and sunlight.