What Are The Wedding Dates You Should Avoid

Are you having a hard time narrowing down the best day to get married? I don’t blame you, there are honestly so many dates to avoid it is a bit comical. You probably can find one reason why everyday of the year could technically be a day to avoid, but this is unrealistic because you are getting married and that is that, so you need to pick a date.  So before you get your wedding menu cards printed with your wedding date across the top here is a list of most common dates to avoid, but also a few tips to helps you while you are narrowing down your date options.

Days To Avoid:

New Year’s Day

Super Bowl Sunday


Mother’s Day

Memorial Day

Friday the 13th

Father’s Day

Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur


Christmas Eve

Christmas Day


New Year’s Eve

Big Events

As the list above shows you some of the big holidays that are celebrated in America, these dates should be avoided at all costs. Planning a wedding on a big holiday or event could affect you and your guest’s ability to travel. There is probably a lot going on around these dates, so the traffic could be horrendous, if you have hotels for your guests, those could become full. Also the most important reason why is because you want to be aware and considerate of your guests. Having your wedding day on a big holiday could put a strain on your guests. You don’t want to take away someone’s holiday, you want to add another day of the year that they have an excuse to party. So just think about your guests when picking out a date.

What Is Going On In Your Life

When choosing a wedding date, be sure to consider and think about what is going on in your own lives. Don’t pick a day that you know is already going to be stressful. Your wedding day means the whole day, probably the whole week, so make sure that your own schedules are clear so that you can devote that whole time to your wedding without any distractions. For example you wouldn’t want to finalize purchasing a house on your wedding day, or even worse getting a puppy on your wedding day. This about it you will be so busy getting everything together, you do not have any time to spare on putting a down payment on a home or watching over a puppy.

Now that you have all the tips when it comes to choosing a wedding date, it should be smooth sailing from here. So go ahead and get your custom guest book ordered and be confident in your date.  The only thing else you need is just be realistic about your date and make sure both you and your partner are in agreement.