What Style Of Engagement Ring Is Most Popular?


So you’re planning to get engaged in 2020? Congratulations!

With the influence of internet, the brides-to-be are looking forward to something that will make their engagement ring unique from the regular ones. Whether you have already chosen the ring of your dreams, or has just started talking about how your engagement ring should look like, here are a few ideas from the Albuquerque diamond jewelers that will help you out.  Read on to check out the popular engagement ring trends that you can shop –

  • Fancy Cut Diamond Rings – Diamonds are available in different shapes and sizes. It can be shaped into any form, from oval to emerald cut or even heart shaped. The diamond jewelers in Albuquerque mention that the fancy-cut diamonds are in high demand in 2020 as they are relatively cheaper in price than the brilliantly cut ones, as they have very less demand in the market.
  • Emerald Rings – Emeralds are delicate than diamond. The reason why people prefer them is for their unconventional bling. The bright green gemstone not just marks the new beginning, but also for its elegance. But the major drawback is it has more breaking points when compared with a diamond. The experts from jewelry stores in Albuquerque suggest treating it with utmost care if you are looking to use it on a daily basis. And avoid using any commercial cleaners to polish it.
  • Vintage Rings – If you have a family piece of ring, you can repurpose it by adding a lot more intricate touches to add the antique feel to the ring. Or you can shop from estate jewelry or create a new piece with vintage-inspired design. You can get the help of the jewelry stores in Albuquerque. They will work to add the vintage feel to your ring. These vintage rings are not just glamorous, they are timeless too.
  • Hidden Halo Rings – In this style, the sparking halo of the diamond on the ring sits underneath the stone. On viewing from the top, the ring will simply look like a solitaire, but from the sides this halo glams up the details. This 2020 engagement ring style is a perfect choice rather than to consign with the regular halo rings.
  • Two-stoned Rings – This type is called the Toi et Moi rings. These two stones can be placed side by side or close to each other, embarking on the two souls becoming one. Jewelers mention that this style is one of the 2020 favorites.
  • Colored Stones – Colored diamond stones offer simple, yet elegant styles. They are bright and bold. You can top them on a yellow or rose gold band. But, make sure to find a color that defines your personal style and creativity.

Hopefully, this article helps you choose the right engagement ring style for your big day! You can always get in touch with the best jewelry stores in Albuquerque, to understand about the latest trends!