What to look before purchasing Necktie

Generations have changed, and now necktie has become an option as you can dress up with or without a tie and still be the figure of authority. Whatsoever the reason is, tie still adds personality to someone wearing it. It still makes one more confident, and no one can deny these facts.

So, why not add a little collection of ties to your wardrobe. You can find some lovely collection of ties in Browns tie.

The color of the Necktie:

Color always attract others attention. It reflects the kind of mindset you have and the kind of mood you are on that particular day. Color also signifies the authority figure and also sends a message if you can be trusted. While choosing a color, you should match it with your shirt, with your skin tone and wear a jacket matching all of them.

Graphic of Necktie:

Graphic of your necktie displays your personality. Office ties are generally of standard solid colors. Also, there are ties which are patterned. There are many graphic ties you will find in the market, but some basic ties as follows:

  • Pin Dots: Pin dot ties can be worn at any event; you can also match them with any kind of shirts. They are great but subtle.
  • Stripes: They can be paired with any type of shirt, a striped shirt or a plain shirt. Just a little variation with the pattern of your shirt will make you good; for example, don’t wear the same size of patterned stripe necktie with the same size of patterns of your shirt.
  • Checks: A checkered shirt with a checkered necktie looks quirky. It is wise if you wear the shirt of different pattern with a necktie of a different pattern.

When to wear a tie?

Many people think that tie is only formal wear, but it is not true, you can wear it anytime you want. But on certain occasions such as a wedding or if you are going for interviews or places where you want to make good impressions, you should wear a necktie. The tie makes you appear respectable, and it doesn’t require any dress code to wear a tie, even you can wear it on your first date.